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put things in a vault for someone to open in 30 years. (read all 2 entries…)

I am in love with a woman and we both have commitments to other SO’s that we cant abandon. I have told her that when we part in the next couple of years, I will give her a key to use late in her years to find out what has become of me. If I am still alive and available, the key will lead her to me no matter where I am and if she wants it so, I will come to her. If I am dead, she will find the record of my life and that of my children, whom she holds dear to her heart, so that she can share and enjoy what has happened with us. I’m thinkin safety deposit boxes in Washington and Zurich, which are the two best places I think she might be able to get to…what is the best way to do this?..I could copyright it into the Library of Congress and she could access that easily, but if its physical objects or assets I would like her to have access to, I dont know how to do that. I can give a her a second key from a safetly deposit box, but dont I need to indentify her ahead of time as someone who can open it. I dont want to ask her for too much personal information…SS number and all. Any help would be appreciated.



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