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Learn to speak Latin

I want to learn Latin So bad. But seeing as I dont have a job I cant buy a learning kit..Grr. But Soon I will learn Spanish. Yes.
My goal is to learn Latin,Spanish,Japanese, and German.
And I will. Yes…..I will….And Im just 15 right now so I have enough time…....Yay!


LifeIsDivine Bringing joy to others that I come across. Thanks for being there!

Learn to speak latin

You go for it! I love your positive outlook. You can definitely do all that and more. You have the right attitude my friend.

lupusphasmatis feel the love

do latin first

If you speak English, then you already have a head start! Over half of the English language is Latin or Latin derivatives. Just learning basic Latin, you will be able to pick up Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French with ease!

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