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open a homeless shelter (read all 2 entries…)
If you give one cup of water in my name...

My husband and I already work with the homeless in our city and have for several years now. Our ultimate goal however is to open a complete rehabbing community. It would start with a shelter for men and a shelter for women. We would walk them out of substance abuse if needed and train them in job skills so they would have a chance at starting over in life. It would entail a lot and probably take up about a city block for all we have in mind. Someday though we would like to see this come to pass and then spread to other cities.


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Webster vs. Church

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. :) So far we are doing ok. Our town is higher elevated than those that surround us and our street is the highest in the city so we’ve been blessed and avoided all the flooding from the rain.
What a heartwarming story about the Dr. Pepper! You know,I have witnessed far more nobility in working with the poor and homeless than I ever have working with the rich and elite.
I’ve been asked by a homeless man to give his bag of food to a chubby,well fed,relatively well dressed,little child instead because he felt the child needed it more. I’ve seen a poor, mentally ill man pushing a carriage of all his belongings through deeply rutted snow, dig into his cart and pull out a coat to give to a shivering homeless man.

Webster’s dictionary defines church several ways, a building, a group of clergy/leaders, a denomination….etc. None of the definitions however are what the TRUE Biblical definition is. The TRUE definition is the loving spirit of family and community within a group of people. They reach out and help each other, they share the burdens of poverty and the blessings of plenty. when one hurts they all hurt. When one has an addiction they all band together to walk him/her through it. That’s the type of community we want to create in our shelter because it’s what the Bible says we’re supposed to be like.
With as self centered as the church in general has become over the years it’s no wonder people hate God and all who profess Him. We’ve only shown the love of Christ to the ones who look good and smell good and act prim and proper etc. That’s not the heart of God though. People who profess faith in God are supposed to set the example for others…then the world in general would follow suit as to how to treat the poor and homeless.
We had a group of teens come out to help with our ministry a couple of weeks ago and they all had on T-shirts that said it perfectly.
” Don’t go to church…..........BE IT.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

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It’s very sad. I think we just break God’s heart so often by the ways we act. Glad you got into a good church home though.
Hey if you’re ever interested I’ll tell you how to start a “feeding” ministry the way we did. It’s really easy and rewarding and you can bring it to any city/community in the world. We have one that branched off of us in New Delhi, India and others here in the US too.

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wanted to cheer this and double cheer it, but i’m still out!

This is a great goal! Good luck.

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opening a homeless shelter

I’ve had the idea for opening a homeless shelter where I live. I was wondering if you did open a shelter, and what it took to do so.

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2 Cheers!

I cheered this yesterday but your story stuck with me so much that I came back today to cheer it again! It won’t let me give you another official cheer but here’s an unofficial cheer. CHEER!!!!!

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Thanks :)


count me in…When you get it started, let me know. Dont know what I can do, but i’d love to help in some way.

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a wonderful goal.

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