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elsey name change coming soon...

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studying for big exam

I have a big 8-hour electricity exam on April 20. I started studying on Christmas Day. But then I started studying too much and I would get headaches for days at a time from concentrating too hard (at work during day and then at night, studying). So, I quit studying for a week or so. Now I am behind. Argh.

I’m taking a different approach to this now. I’m not planning on passing the exam the first time around; I’ll just study as much as I have energy for. That way I don’t create all of this stress for myself. If I fail, I’ll just retake in Oct.



Jojo S is rediscovering 43 things

keep up the good work

Electricity is hard work, and I know you have been working hard towards this goal.

I think you have a good attitude, that is a good plan for not getting stressed out so much. Keep up the good work!

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