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save 6 months of living expenses
High Burn

I figure that if I have six months of savings and need to use it, I’ll probably burn through it at double the typical rate. I won’t be working, I’ll be having fun, so I’ll have all the typical expenses plus the vacation-like activities I’ll be enjoying.

So far I’ve got two months regular expenses covered. By the end of 2007 I should have 6 months covered. I’m making 20% more than my previous job and I’m directing most of that right into 401k, but the remainder has been chewed up by more conference travel.

The higher 401k deferment should also keep the cash/investment balance decent. Right now I have 1/4 liquid and 3/4 in investments.

Also, having 6 months of double the minimum I need to get by gives me plenty of money to draw on for something like a down payment.


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