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Colour of Magic to Wintersmith

My preference has always been to start with the first novel and work my way through to the latest. This is why the first book of Pratchett’s that I read was Sourcery…
Then I did it in the right order (sort of).

I find that I tend to re read them in character clusters mainly. Try it, it can help to understand the characters better.

So far the I have read:
The Colour of Magic- Rincewind, Wizards & Twoflower (CMOT)
The Light Fantastic- Rincewind, Wizards & Twoflower
Equal Rites- Weatherwax & Wizards
Mort- Death & co.
Sourcery- Rincewind & Wizards (Patrician)
Wyrd Sisters- Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg & Magrat
Pyramids- Assassins, Camels, Egyptian Mythology
Guards! Guards!- Vimes, Carrot & The Watch (CMOT)(Patrician)
Eric (Standard and Illustrated)- Faustian Wizard Wannabe meets Rincewind
Moving Pictures- Silver Screen, silent movies, Hollywood, misc characters (CMOT)(Patrician)
Reaper Man- Death and assorted characters
Witches Abroad- Weatherwax & co., Voodoo and Fairytales
Small Gods- Religion, Brutha and a God (CMOT relative)
Lords and Ladies- Ridcully,Weatherwax etc, and faerie folk
Men At Arms- Vimes, Carrot & The Watch (CMOT)(Patrician)
Soul Music- Rock and/or Roll, trolls, dwarves, The Watch (CMOT)(Patrician)
Feet of Clay- Golems, The Watch, (CMOT)(Patrician)
Interesting Times- The Wizards (Ridcully AC), Cohen, Rincewind and Twoflower (CMOT relative)
Maskerade- Opera with Witches
Hogfather- Christmas and Death’s family
Jingo- Vimes & co.
The Last Continent- Rincewind, Ridcully, Wizards, Australia (XXXX Fourecks) & a God
Carpe Jugulum- Vampires, Uberwald, Witches and myth
The Fifth Elephant- Vimes, The Watch, Diplomats/spies, Uberwald
The Truth- Newspapers, vampires, The Watch, dwarves
Thief of Time- Lu-Tze, Susan, clockmakers, fairytales
The Amaziang Maurice and His Educated Rodents- Cat, Rats, Piper
Nightwatch- Vimes & The Watch, history, Lu-Tze
The Wee Free Men- Nac Mac Feegles, Tiffany Aching, The Witches, Faeries etc
Monstrous Regiment- War, women
A Hat Full of Sky- Nac Mac Feegles, Tiffany Aching, The Witches
Going Postal- Patrician, Post Office
Thud!- Vimes, dwarves, trolls, boardgames
Wintersmith- Nac Mac Feegles, Tiffany Aching, Witches, mythology

Have also read:
The Carpet People- Coming of age in your rug
The Dark Side of The Sun- Coming of age on another planet
Strata- planet similar to Discworld but man made not God made
Truckers- Nomes finding other Nomes
Diggers- Nomes pt 2 finding other things than Nomes
Wings- Nomes pt 3 finding their way home
Only You Can Save Mankind- Johnny Maxwell & Computer game
Johnny and the Dead- Johnny Maxwell & ghosts
Johnny and the Bomb- Johnny Maxwell (with Foul Ole Rons relative??) WWII
The Unadulterated Cat- cartoons on what real cats are like
Good Omens- God, the Devil, Apocalypses, Angels, Demons, etc


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Yay Pratchett!

I have many more of Pratchett’s books than I read because when I started collecting many years ago I wasn’t that good at reading whole books in English blush I would never read them in Swedish, because well I don’t like what the translation does with the humor.

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