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stop waiting
Last week I waited

Since childhood, we are taught to wait. Last year, I waited to loose weight, last month, I waited to study for my Real Estate exam and last week I waited to tell my husband I loved him.

On Friday, he died in a car accident and now, sitting here a realization has come over me that can only be described as an enlightment. If I were to count up all the times I waited and equate those things with possible successes, highlights or memories of my life, it would be enough material to fill an epic novel…but instead, I waited.

Take it from an old fool, my friends. Regardless of your fears jump headfirst into the gifts in your life. Take every walk, turn down every path, peek into every window and seek every joyous moment life brings. Don’t wait, don’t fear and don’t throw it all away because you waited, in truth, just to lazy to try.

-The Old Lady in the Shoe, a memoir of my mother


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