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obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy. (read all 3 entries…)

My BMI is 33.2
There, I’ve said it!

Wish me luck :D


Wishing you good luck

and cheering you on to greater things…...... Keep healthy :-))))))))

elli_p is doing

Thank you!

I really can use the confidence :)

Anais Pinn, Goalie

May luck and perseverance

be your good companions, elli!

elli_p is doing


Good luck to you too with your goals :)

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do you know what they say?

“Patience and perseverance bring a snail to Jerusalem”

I heard this in an old movie, and it made me burst out laughing, but then I wrote it big in sheet and hang this on a wall in my room. First I completed it with: “nad me to …”

I wish you luck, patience and perseverance then. And please, don’t try to lose weight too rapidly, as it would come back. just try to establish new healthy habits…

best wishes!

elli_p is doing

Thank you!

I know what you mean, a couple of years ago, I lost a big amound of weight but it came back with company this time ;)

Thanx again :D

Keep up the good work!!!

I managed to get to my goal BMI a few years ago. Is definitely worth it! You keep on track!

Little steps make many miles…

elli_p is doing

Thank you

Your comment gave me the boost I needed for the day! :)

kathybacon is an ENFP

I'm cheering for you!

I had a BMI even higher than that, and now I’m below 30 and dropping - slowly and healthily - all the time. And trust me: if I can do this, so can you!!!

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