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Be Thankful For Each Day

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Spend time being grateful every day (read all 4 entries…)
A grateful evening

Running through Balboa Park in the late afternoon, the rich smells of jasmine, sage, and eucalyptus fill my nose and stimulate a flood of happy, playful childhood memories. The rays of the setting sun bounce off the low clouds in a chorus of brilliant yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples as I practice my kung fu forms on the grass. I feel the chi pulsing throughout my body and know that I am divine health and I am connected to the Source of all life, the Spirit-that-moves-through-all-things.
Walking home in the twilight, my eye (without the usual aid of glasses) catches a glint of copper in the grass; a 2007 penny brought into my life as a symbol of abundance. I find another in front of the taco shop around the corner from my apartment, and this one I drop into the tip jar along with my change for the burrito, spreading and sharing the wealth without judging its denomination.
As I sit on my couch enjoying my simple dinner after a hot, relaxing shower, I feel nourished, replenished, satisfied. I watch a favorite movie. My beautiful lady returns home from work early, pours us some cocktails, and we spend precious, joyous time together. And through all of this, I am so at peace, so full of pure energy, and so immensely grateful that words cannot express. How would you feel, if this was your life? You would feel good. Very, very good.


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