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www.cafetalk.com/日本語     From basic to business. fun lessons with bilingual tutors.(品質保証)

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www.yesjapan.com/     Start for free on YesJapan. No credit card required.

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www.curious.com/learn-japanese     Easy Japanese greetings and more! Free video lesson with teacher

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www.berlitz.us/Japanese     Effective Japanese Classes for Kids and Adults at Over 50 Locations.

Japanese Language Course

ask.com/Japanese+Language+Course     Japanese Language Course. Discover and Explore on Ask.com!

UW Summer Language Class

summer.washington.edu/UW-Seattle-WA     Complete One Year's Equivalent of Language Learning in Nine Weeks.

Learn Japanese

i so wanna learn japanese i can say a few words like hello and i can count to 5 oh and i can say “will you go out with me?” and “sweet” lmao but that’s all i know



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