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I’ve started back at uni this week, after my 4 month lazy summer! :P
It’s going to be a busy one, i’m taking great subjects that i enjoy but that means I’m going to want to do well in them.

Then of course there’s the whole balancing uni, friends, bf, stress, travelling time, orchestra, family, maintaining my italian even thought i’m not studying it this year, choir, plus everything else random that comes up. Oooh and I’m looking for a new job a few days a week.
I’m still at a quandry – at the moment I travel an hour and a half to get to uni in the city and readily getting sick of it, but if i moved to live in glebe or newtown i’m sure i’d never get any work done… maybe next year i’ll come to a decision.

Stronger back… OK, I can do this!


Shazamela is rethinking her New Year's resolutions.

I remember...

my university days, and trying to maintain a balance in my life was definitely the hardest challenge of all. In some ways it’s pretty impossible to have a balance, bit it is important to at least try.

Some of my closest friends from that time are still, almost 20 years later, among my best friends. Good luck!

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