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Become a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was quite the man. He was an artist, an inventor, a counselor to kings and queens. His was a bright and brilliant mind. He had a passion for knowledge fueled by an insatiable curiousity.



handprintonmyheart getting back to my 43 things!

Great goal!

I think this is an ambitious and worthwhile goal. You have a wide range of interests and talents that will take you far in life. Make Leo proud!!

Orangeygirl married the man of her dreams! Best New Years resolution EVER!

Most creative goal I've seen yet!

Erich! Go for it!
Tell me, what are you doing to aspire towards this greatness?? :)

Well, yes..

However he could never get the whole `collective’ thing down, w/ rotary-wing flight. :) One wonders how he’d ever have to auto-rotate in a landing.

Just kidding.. Good post, mate.

Okie, that's one of my aim ^^ become the second LeoNardo ^^

I want to know know how he studies especially how he the way he remembers things, the way he use his brain to make such many creative things, all u got any idea for this?

It's all about developing curiousity.

Really, when you’re curious, you have a passion to find out and retain the truth. Developing curiousity is key. I keep a journal, and I write down questions that I have that I wonder about, and then I work at finding the answers. At first it went slowly, but now I’m constantly thinking and challenging my way of thinking.

handprintonmyheart getting back to my 43 things!


So what kinds of questions are you currently looking for the answers to? I’m curious to find out what you’re curious about! ;)

The truth about dividing by zero...

I guess I want to know things like, what is it that turns a bunch of atoms and molecules into an organized, living being? Could it ever be possible to feel another persons feelings? What lies beyond the edge of infinity? What types of applications are there in accoustic waves and their respective energies? Why does toast always fall peanut butter side down???—I already know why, but seriously…WHY?

handprintonmyheart getting back to my 43 things!

You sound like a grad student ;)

Have you considered going back to college for a degree in physics or biochemistry? Or maybe even philosophy! It seems like you’d at least have a forum to discuss questions like these without making every one around you get a headache from thinking too hard.

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