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These Boots Were Made for Walking..

When in rome… and all that stuff..translates into
“when in texas.. you have to wear REAL cowboy boots”
soo for me that means Rocketbusters
they are the only cowboy boots i wear in texas..
sometimes in LA i wear vintage boots..but in texas…
ONLY ROCKETBUSTERS..sometimes Vintage Rocketbusters.. but .. always rocketbusters.. i wish i could draw you a venn diagram… is rumored that Chuck Norris ate some leather and a few min later pooped out a rocketbuster boot…
unfortunately it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not get into TROUBLE while wearing rocketbusters…

sometimes..just being near them enough to start trouble…
no worries kids… mine are packed!!

every now and then you can score a pair on ebay..


BigDlittled spring ling


are white python bottoms with black uppers

ebay 5 years ago and they feel like mine
just had another pair, resoled,
so they are really mine now

and yes,
boots do give ya sumthin
especially in the east
if asked, I say i lived as a kid in Arizona and later as a big kid in Texas, and Kansas
those are my credentials

Im an honarary Texan...

an honor bestowed by a long time friend ….when i first got into town..i found that he had left this bumper sticker on the kitchen counter for me with a pitcher of iced tea…

i wasnt born in Texas.. but i got here as fast as i could

BUT…im famous infamous in DC for my stash of TEXAN bumper stickers that say:Why not KINKY in 2006???


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