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Thursday 15 march

1) Bus ride with my crush <3
I swear, everytime I go on the bus with my crush (whilst going back home), I get so happy throughout the whole day! Like, he boosts my afternoons and evenings by 1000000000000%
However, going TO school with him on the bus isnt as good because I end up thinking about him throughout the whole day and I dont end up paying attention in lectures ;)

2) My favorite prof is BACK! For biomedical sciences and the human anatomy. He’s the BESTestestest! He talks soooo fast, and explains things soo fast that my adrenaline just rapidly flows through my body, causing me to be completely absorbed in my favorite subject.

3) My friend said that my hoodie was very pretty :) And I told her that her hairband was very pretty! I love giving and recieving compliements :)


wildflowerlove I'm just not strong enough.

Awww! I’m lovin it. :)

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