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get in shape (read all 17 entries…)

...running/hiking/walking. And some jumping too.


Benji is very happy to see Mari back!


fire lighting.


That had nothing...

...to do with exercise, though.

~ John Lee ~ Spring Forth In New Opportunities

fire lighting ? hmmmmm

I think by “fire lighting” the intent is not lighting a fire, but lighting a fire – you know , like Jim Morrison “Come On Baby Light My Fire”

Benji is very happy to see Mari back!

you'd think...

so wouldn’t you?

Not in our house unfortunately I was referring to the rayburn, it runs on coal, although I would prefer the Jim Morrisson version of events.


(This comment was deleted.)

until you've "heard" JP and Dave(kiwi)

singing Light My Fire as a duet (somewhat tipsily on msn), you haven’t lived.


...for some reason, the Will Young version was resonating in my head that night.

Hence the rapid ‘Light my fire, light my fire…’ licks.

Fortunately I’ve listened to the Doors since then and have reset my brain.

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