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ElkLikeGirl embraces opportunity

Record Memories of My Mom (read all 14 entries…)
Messing Up Lyrics to Songs

So, I’ve been missing my mom a lot lately…thinking about her and decided to write entries about her whenever I feel like doing so. This one is about music and singing along with songs with my mom. She would never get the lyrics right…at times, I wonder if she did this on purpose because she knew I was such a stickler for lyrics…I would become irritated when I was very young. I remember singing along with her to the Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ and wow, was it all over the place…I remember her adding ‘every cake you bake’ which, ironically, wound up on a Sting album…(after the song Love is the Seventh Wave? on Dream of the Blue Turtles)...Anyway now I remember this and how endearing it is.


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ElkLikeGirl embraces opportunity


for reading it – my mom has been gone now for six and a half years and it is memories like this that help me to smile when I think of her.


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