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Political Apathy

So today I participated in my first ever war protest but it was more than that. It was a way to toss off my political apathy and quit sitting on the sidelines.
Protesting was a way for me to become engaged in the process of democracy in this country and in the world.
I highly value decocracy and freedom but for too many years I’ve just exercised that value by voting. It’s important to me, to take that value and stretch it a bit more by becoming more active in the process by protesting, volunteering for the election campaign and voting.
This was a good thing to toss because there was something better to replace it with and that’s Political Involvement.


way 2 go...

this war has gone on way 2 long…

democracy is evolved, u cant just go in guns blazing and make ppl conform to democracy..

its not good to have a cowboy in the white house…

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Anais Pinn, Goalie

Great Toss!

And even greater replacement. It’s so important to raise up your voice. You’ve inspired me!

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