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wake up when my alarm clock goes off (read all 6 entries…)
It's so much easier..

It’s so much easier now that I go to uni.
I think it’s because I actually look FORWARD to the days. During HS, I HATED the idea of going to school, going to prison, with the bitchy teachers, handing over our freedom, our independence at the school gates, wearing sucky uniforms, studying the subjects I hated, etc…

I had a difficult time waking up at 7.30am during HS. I always used to miss first period because I couldnt wake up on time.
But now, I can wake up at 6am easily. With less than 5 hrs of sleep. Everyday, I wake up with that feeling – yay a new day!. During HS, it was – Nooooooooo!!!!! I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!

I’ve always believed that I was a night person and that I will never be able to change but I guess that it can all change if you have a positive outlook to the upcoming day :)



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