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I'm getting there

Ok, I’ve been making some healthier food choices lately. I’ve found the easiest thing for me is to do the healthy snack thing. I’ve been buying really healthy snacks, and preparing them, wrapping them up and putting them on a plate in the fridge. So when I get home I’ll have Crackers or bread, cream chees, deli meat, small amounts of chutney and pre-sliced vegies all ready for me to unwrap. Good food, and all I have to do is sit and unwrap ingredients. I also chill a juice or water, so I can pull it out when I get home. It’s worked really well so far. Although I’m still tempted to eat Maccas often, I do it less. Which is good. But to combat, car travel hungries, I’ve been taking fruit and nuts and water in my glove box. Enough to stop me making bad choices….


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