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advocate traveling by dragon instead of airplane
Top 10 reasons to fly on a dragon instead of in an airplane

My proposal is that we should advocate passenger travel using dragons (like the one in Shrek) instead of winged metal tubes dashing through the skies. We would fit dragons with a basket (like the one in balloons) or for more thrills, we can embark passengers on large saddles mounted on the dragons’ backs. I am very serious about this.

Here are the top 10 reasons why flying a dragon is better than flying in a plane:
  1. Dragons are environmentally friendly
  2. Dragons can do vertical take-off and landing
  3. One travel company’s flying dragons can use their fiery breaths to scare the Bejeesus out of the competition
  4. Dragons can refuel in mid-air by snatching clueless birds
  5. Dragons can travel to and from 3rd world countries that can’t afford air strips
  6. Dragons can land in rich Lilliputian nations that don’t have space for an air strip
  7. Dragons don’t need washing – they fly below the cloud layer anyway
  8. Compared to airplanes, dragons generate insignificant noise pollution
  9. And no sonic boom either
  10. Thanks to their lack of reliance on jet fuel, it is rather futile to hijack dragons into tall buildings.



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