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Do you think , acquiring more power makes you more loved?


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Not at all.

I think you will have more people sucking up to you, but it won’t be love. I think love and power are probably unrelated. Or only slightly related.

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I agree with Stu

I don’t think you can relate aquiring more power and being loved more. People may “suck up” to you more though.

Yep I agree with Ellie and Stu. Power doesn’t give me anymore love.

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there is some relation between

power and love…may be slight,as admiration,or negative as “sucking up”...

But,yes,being in power gives better footage even in the area of love,people appeare so much in love with you,or,revering you,respecting you….it is all upto you to choose the one among them whom you fall for…hhhhaaaaa!!!!!

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I don't think so

It might offer a warped type of love, ie the love of power and what it might bring in a material way…But to me definitely not the true spirit of love, which is not in any way about power.

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You already have the power inside of you, actually everyone already has this when they are born. The trick is how we use this power and no matter who loves us in our lifetime and beyond, God will always love us!

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For example, look at Hillary Clinton.

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