Know that as important as hanging on is, so is knowing when to let go (read all 2 entries…)

I have been hanging on for a while now, however I was talking to my ex today and I realised that its probably time to let go, I’ve been feeling really down most of the day, I just wish that she could see things the way I see them. I know that I have a life to live too though. I just wanted to live that life with her.
I think the next few weeks are going to be really tough, I have a hard time letting people go. I can’t understand how people can just walk away from their friends or relationships without a second thought. I love people, I love being around them and finding out about them. It hurts me so much knowing that I have had feelings for someone but I’m never going to see them again.


let go let god!

I will be praying for you everything that happens is for his purpose we just need to accept it and trust that he has something better for us at a later time.

Thank you, that’s very kind. I agree with you, somethings are difficult to take but you’ve just got to have faith.

One day

U will look back on this experience and you will realize how much you have learned. Trust me! I have been through this many times. It doesn’t get any easier, but you learn to cope in your own way. Good luck to you!

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