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lynner life is short...do another backbend!

buckle at western states (read all 10 entries…)
it is said

that to buckle at states you need to break 5 hours at cool, and around 11 at miwok. i have a lot of work to do.
georgia has me on a plan: 1.5-2 hour tempo run, track workout of 12 800 repeats and hill repeats. 3 days of 100% effort to get strong and fast. and then, of course, my long runs on the weekend.
i think my foot can take it. this will be week #1.


Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

yay week one

you can do it, just give the foot a stern talking to…

lynner life is short...do another backbend!



12 800M

repeats with hills.

You go! Whew!


lynner life is short...do another backbend!

here is how it went down

tuesday: fast andy’s tempo run, through rockridge, then up and into the cemetary. andy told me stories about the crypts and sculptures, to ease my suffering. apparently the black dahlia is buried there. i might be next if he has his way with me.

wednesday: could NOT even handle 12 of those repeats. i managed 2, then a fast mile (which, i figured was 2), then 2 more. not a fast twitch cell in my body, this all really hurt.

thursday. did i sign up for this?

today: finally got to those hills. claremont canyons for an hour. i must be soft.


you have been
out of it.

I’m running long
tomorrow; 16 miles.

Some long run! Been
swimming too much.~


lynner life is short...do another backbend!


16 miles is long, we’ve just lost perspective.

hope you had a glorious day.

lynner has gotten 2 cheers on this entry.


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