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Landmark Advanced Course

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Landmark Advanced Course

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Complete the Landmark Advanced Course
you can do it!

who i am is the possibility of GUSTO, unity and leadership and the act i’m giving up is “It’s too HARD!” and that’s who i am. Doing the advanced course gave me by far, the most radical shift in how i see myself and the world. i am living a life i love for the first time in my LIFE!

it doesnt make life “easier” it makes life FUN!


The possibility of GUSTO - BRILLIANT !

The joy of possibility is that it’s yours .. and being the possibility of GUSTO is just brilliant ..
Giving it a go .. even if it seems to hard ..
remember if you are not in your possibility you are probably in your act !

I’m a Course Supervisor in Sydney – and loving it ..
I never considered becoming a Course Supervisor until the opportunity was presented for me .. have a chat with a course supervisor .. that’s an opportunity for leadership ..



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