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Dave will be glad to get home Friday night

upload all my music to my iPod (read all 3 entries…)

It’s just strange to me that I’ve suddenly become very interested in music.

I usually enjoy my drive to and from work through the bucholic Connecticut river valley while listening to NPR or books on tape. But since I started writing again, I’ve been listening to…music.

Why not more books on tape? That’s the strange thing. I guess the point is not the medium, but the side of my brain that is active. Books on tape is very cerebral. But writing, and enjoying music/poetry, is very creative. AS my creative self re-awakens, I am drawn to music again. Sure enough, all my old journals (back when I wrote more frequently than my recent once a month level) are also filled with musical refrences! I have a closet full of old CD’s from that period of my life.

So now I’m more interested than ever in getting it all onto my iPod, so I can return to the emotional embrace of Bruce Cockburn, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Lenny Cohen, Peter Gabriel, and all the other great poet/singers of my generation.

I will work on this task more this weekend.


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