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Install compact fluorescents into my parents house without them knowing (read all 6 entries…)
c'mon mom and dad!

For the past couple years I’ve been trying to convince my parents to go with compact fluorescents in their house. At the very least to try it out in one room. They save so much energy! But they always say, “oh maybe some day” or “oh yeah, that’s nice.”

So come next Easter I’m going to secretly install compact fluorescent bulbs in the main staircase. Many times when I’m at my parents they ask me to replace the bulbs in the main staircase, because the light fixture is too high for them to reach, and it’s not really accessible by a ladder). It’s always nice to help them out with stuff like that. Just last Sunday when I was at my parents, they had me install two new bulbs, and it just kinda made me a little sad to install incandescent bulbs. I again asked them if they had any compact fluoros. “oooh noooo, we don’t.”

So come this easter, I’m gonna bring two compact fluoros and install them in the hallway. I’m tempted to convert their entire house over, but they would probably freak out about that. The thing with converting someone over to these new bulbs is to actually demonstrate how nice they are. So I’m just gonna do it and then they actually see that they don’t really make any difference, and they’ll be like, “hey these things are cool!” (or i hope so! They may be all like, “hey! why does it take a second for these things to turn on!? But they leave that light on all the time, so maybe they won’t even realize it for awhile.)

I’d love to see more sons and daughters out there secretly change the bulbs in one room of their parents house to compact fluorescents and help save some energy in this world.


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