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the cull

I have decided, or rather, the actions of my “friends” have made a decision to cull some people from my active life.

Last week I got an email from my old roomate saying another old roomate of ours wanted to have dinner tonight at a local restaurant. I can’t remember if I said I was working until 7, or that I couldn’t be there until 7, but I’m quite sure I used 7pm in some context of when I’d be arriving. I had an email from the organising old roomie today, and I wrote back to say that I couldn’t stay for dinner, but I would come for a drink, and I would be there late, since they were planning on meeting at 6pm.

7:12pm, I arrive in the parking lot. Don’t see their cars. Walk all around the restaurant. Not there. Call one’s cell – not turned on. Don’t have the other’s number. Call another friend, get her home number. Call the home number, she answers. “ooooooohhhh!!! Where are you?”

“I’m at the restaurant.”

“Oh! Well I just got home. We waited for you!”

“I told you I’d be late.”

“Yes…well….we ate in like, 20 minutes! We didn’t think you were coming!”

“I told you I’d be late.”

The edge of my livid rage has been taken off, at least, but the sharp acrid sting is still being felt. Because not only did none of them consider that I have to use public transportation to get around, despite one of them having to drive past my work to get there tonight, but none of them thought to call me? They all own cell phones…were their fingers permenently fused together so that they could no longer hit the individual keys, but rather mash it with their giant single finger? I think not. No, this is a case of classic narcissism and just plain uncaring rudeness.

But I am eternally grateful for their behaviour. It has driven the final nail into the coffin of our friendship(s). I will never again feel guilty for chosing to work, or hang out with FB and his friends and family, or even just spending some much-needed quality time with myself over an evening with these useless twats. (Yes, a little harsh, but I’m still feeling rather angry.) I even left work early to spend time with these girls. Never again. Not worth my time. Not worth my energy. Not worth my love.



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