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a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'

get a regular salary (read all 8 entries…)
Looks like

my problem is recurring.

I need to get something I can last at and enjoy.


flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad

Enjoying your job

is important… It is fantastic to actually have a decent job, but it not actually feel like just a way to pay the bills and keep one’s head above water… My current job is as a teaching assistant working with 4/6 year olds… It is hard work but I find it very fulfilling and the holidays are fab. I’ve been thinking about doing a PGCE for years but do I really want/need the stress? I would love the pay packet mind, but at least I get to go home and leave the job behind, which you can’t do if you are a teacher!!! I hope you do find a job that you can feel passionate about and one that pays a good wage too… :)

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'



I’ve been a teacher but I couldn’t go back to it, it was far too stressful for me. Now we are in the age of youtube postings, it sounds even more horrendous. I don’t want to put you off though, it may still be worthwhile doing the PGCE.

flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad


I think your employers just haven’t realised your potential to the good of their company yet! What is wrong with asking questions? I’m sure if you made a mistake they’d be asking you why you didn’t querie it!!! You can’t win… It seems to me that you are under appreciated. What I get from reading your entries, is that you an interesting and intelligent human being with something about him… Don’t let em grind you down, know your strengths…:)

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'


it’s my perceived lack of confidence that’s the trouble.

I really appreciate what you’ve put here. Thanks for the support.


flowergirlresumed So long, Farewell... Too sad

Do you use Bach Flower Remedies?

They are very good tools that can really help for daily living… From what you say, I wiould say Cerato might be a good one for you to take, it is for self-doubt and not trusting your own judgement etc… Does this sound familiar at all? Or there is Larch for fear of failure? I have been using and diagnosing myself, family and others with these remedies since 1994, they are a gift from nature, subtle yet powerful healers straight from the garden… This is only a suggestion for something that might help… :)

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'

It's been

suggested before. I once used the rescue remedy and found it helped. I got a wee book about them once as well.

OK thanks I’ll consider using them again.

(This comment was deleted.)

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'


for saying.

It’s maybe not as black and white as I make it appear. Having said that I really wish I could stick up for myself a bit more.

Todd Schoonover will miss all his 43T friends

Challenge For Lots

Being able to stand up for yourself is always hard. You’ve got to have the self-confidence to do it, but at the same time not overcompensate and be arrogant about it because that can hurt you too. I think flowergirlresumed made a good point above about asking what you could have done to improve yourself. By finding this out, you can work on those areas, and at the same time it lets your employer know that you did care about doing a good job to begin with, even if it’s too late now.

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'

My employer

is in a difficult position as they can see that I have made an honest effort. I have to attend a disciplinary meeting next Tuesday all the same.

Thanks for your comment Todd.

I hope...

... that things go well for you on Tuesday.

I may be barking up entirely the wrong tree here as I don’t have the full context. If I am please excuse me. :)

You say you have a confidence problem but not what type. From your other messages it’s sounds as though your lack of confidence is in social situations (rather than, for example, in your ability). You also mentioned that you’re working with financial software. Is this the case here? I’ve met a lot of people who work in the software field (being one of them) and introversion / lack of social confidence is an extremely common personality trait among them – in my experience the majority have this. (It could be due to a preponderance of the INTP Myers-Briggs type in this field!) I find employers usually recognise this and accept it.

There are undoubtedly more subtleties to this, more shades of grey, more complexities in your situation. Do you have a technique of preparing for a meeting such as the one on Tuesday? In such cases I find it very useful to write at length about the pertinent issues, make a case for myself on paper a few days before the meeting, consider on paper all the points that I suspect will be raised and explore the various answers I could give. Then when the meeting occurs in real life I have already experienced it in my mind several times and I am primed, charged & ready with good answers, the arguments & their phrasings already formed in my mind.

Maybe this is not your situation. Whatever the case It does sound as though your employer is, at heart, routing for you. Good luck!

(This comment was deleted.)

a man named Lew you should be diggin' it while it's happenin'


Arsene, if I may call you that:)

I like my line manager (and I don’t know why people get called that—something to do with chain of command?). I feel I’ve let them down and, of course this does not help me fight my own corner. So I appreciate the support I’m getting here.

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