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today is my last dayyy!!! yay!!!! I think the hardest thing for me, hands down, was not being able to chew. I handle my body pretty heathily so I didn’t experience major detox affects except hunger at certain times of the day and unpleasantness doing the tea/flush. Doing the MC definitely helped me to look at what I eat, when and how. I’ve decided to do raw foods for 7 days after my two day after MC of probiotics and orange juice so no clear broth for me. I’ve been raw before and am deciding whether I should go back to it as a lifestyle. I’ve lost 10 lbs, my skin is, according to my friend, inhumanly clear and I sleep very differently now… Not to mention I have loads of energy. I’m glad I did this and may consider doing it for my birthday or the start of summer. Those of you on the path…keep going strong you can do it. Know that the benefits far outway breaking the fast earlier than you planned. Those hard days are just days, you can pull through.



Thanks for the kind words and inspiration. It helps.

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