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learn geokinesis
do you want to bend earth?

that particular kinesis that bends the earth is called seismic kinesis my friends if you want to learn read this!!!
1. place your hands on the rock or earth segment you wish to bend.
-this kinesis is meant for destroying earth or rocks not throwing them at people like a tool go to telekinesis for that.
2.imagine a pendulum or tuning fork while keeping your hands open palm on the rock
3.every time the pendulum in your mind swings back emit a low sound (this sound should vibrate through your body)
4.if the pendulum visualization isnt helping then just keep a slow tempo of the low vibrating sound.
5.Concentrate the vibrations and forward them to your hands.
6.in a quick motion emit your “sound” loud and sharp and strike down opened palmed without a negative thought in your mind just thinking about your palm going through the rock shattering it.
7.As you strike down open palmed force out your vibrations. all you have to remember about when your are striking is…
-no negative thoughts, just shatter the rock
-embrace your low sound while striking! yell it and mean it
-eject all of your force out of your hand.
A.start with a large dirt clod so you dont hurt yourself, and can practice it.


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It sounds by your posts that you have developed many techniques programs for your subconcious to manipulate the information and energy that makes up all matter. However you must know what telekinesis is. Its Sending kinetic energy into an object this is the same thing that happens when you shatter an element or rock. you sound like you have developed many new techniques i hope to try these out and relate to these reactions in my own way. An elemental way of thinking to me sounds like a good way to focus on each individual disipline but it can also close you off to many things as well thanks for the technique much appreciated.

say what?

posts?(plural) you have read them? furthermore, I like how you talk; we should speak about philosphy or even elements. i am 15

ShirakOmegaX is Training


When I was young I grew up in a cold country my mother always used to say if you think of toast or fire you will warm up and I did. It wasn’t until I read the comments on Pyrokinesis discipline that I realized what this visualization technique was actually doing. Years later when I would go to sleep after a stressful day my body temperature would heat up really hot to the point where my girlfriend at the time would say I was burning her. So anyway I was practicing my visualization technique of heating the air in my psi ball and I must have not stopped all that night I was flipping from burning up to icy cold like an extreme alternation of the two temps. I’m quite happy to say I could have been sick except that I was fine when I went to bed and that I was doing that particular exercise. It happened again last night I wonder if this is a chi build up and release of energy in the form of heat. Do you find you need to switch off the heat visualization for it to stop? I’m confused as I have worked out a way to build up potential energy for tk in my gym ive created and I think that doing this new discipline is causing this energy to be transmuted into heat energy. The thing is in my belief system there is virtually limitless energy available to me for this as at the quantum level everything is connected. I know that if I can concentrate the oxygen level in a psi ball collide the particles together enough it should be enough to ignite it for a fireball but this chain of events is making me have concerns for spontaneous human combustion :) It would be good to bounce some ideas around. I like philosophy And also id like to develop some more experiments we can do to refine our skills.


Yes i definatley agree with your belief system! Our thoughts affect every situation through out the world simultaneously; this being said if we truly believe we can be alter our core tempurature, then without a doubt our body will adapt to our thoughts. Thoughts alter the electrons that aid the creation of possibility. As for the “switching off” of the heat visualization inorder to retain a cool and normal tempurature at times, I can completely relate! However you can channel your chi build up in a number of different things aside from heat. Try to cool down, you cant achieve this feat with chi build up, however when your about to sleep you must feel the absence, nothingness, for this is the true nature of the cold. The cold is the absence of heat as darkness is the absence of light, however this rises the question on a philosophical point what can be said Good and Evil? Which is absent of the other? Please reply I keep searching my email each day for your reply along with many others. You by far are the most interesting

ShirakOmegaX is Training

Delete sometimes

I delete my replys sometimes as I feel that the info may be misued by other people I thought it would be sent to your email check your junkmail Ill repost it for a while

ShirakOmegaX is Training

Good / Evil

There is opposites throughout quantum physics + and negatives. Also easy to tell the difference Good based will always use love to influence evil mostly fear based. From these two emotions I feel all or mostly all others are created. That is why from the perspective of balance or the void all things can be accomplished. In Taichi/Kung fu or Shing yi from a position of balance comes strength.

If u all wish to have your questions answered then respond to this post. if I get enough posts I will start a facebook just for my guelph identity to help anyone who needs teaching and also use my wall as a sharing network for other masters. Responding to this post is eminent toward the furthering of your studies. Your all part of a select group of people who have realized that human do have an ability to alter the elements and reality itself by a simple mindset. Lets share, teach, and follow one another

Looking back

I remember back in the day i wud always think about wowing my family with a power. I have since studyied this stuff, but wen i try nothing happens i dont knw if it is the fact that i jus cant do it or im not trying…...evry time i think i cant do it i tell my self i will do it, but still nothing so i go back 2 studing…help plz

look up guelph element shaman group on facebook ill answer any element questions on there.

look up guelph element shaman group on facebook ill answer any element questions on there.


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