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figure out what I want to major in
So much backtracking and confusion.

When I was little, I always assumed that I would be a doctor. It was so engrained into my little Asian kid head, that there didn’t seem to be any other option. The funny thing about this is, at the time, I didn’t mind. I liked science and the thought of rummaging around in another person’s insides was exciting. Of course, when you’re a little kid, you don’t consider the type of hard work and dedication that will be required to reach these kinds of goals. You just think about the fun factor .. which, like I said in my case, was making squishy sounds with other people’s internal organs.

As I grew up, I stayed on the bio track. Biology was even my concentration in high school. And, up until the day when I started my first university application, I just assumed that I would end up in medical school.

It was only when I started to apply to colleges and universities that I considered my future. I didn’t really like biology anymore. I applied to be a history and anthropology major at every school I applied for… except UMBC. Ironically, I won a full scholarship at UMBC which dictated that I pursue a science or technical major.

Oh … shit. :|

With my head hanging a bit low, I sunk back into the biology track I seemed destined for. My first semester revealed to me though, that I couldn’t force myself to like something I just did not like. So… I’m just in a confused jumble right now.

I really enjoy social sciences and the humanities, but they don’t apply to my scholarship and there’s virtually no other way I’d be able to pay for school. Lately, I’ve been thinking about doing an interdisciplinary major.

As much as I despise math and most technical courses, I’ve started to get attached to computer science. It’s hard and frustrating at time, but it’s a lot like cracking a code or solving a puzzle. It gnaws at you and you find yourself dedicated to finding the solution above all. It fits with my scholarship and .. I guess if I work at it, I can see myself really enjoying it.

At the same time, being a social sciences junkie, I’ve also started to latch on to linguistics. Reading about it gets me fired up. I can talk about it for hours and, at the same time, whereas many social sciences can be abstract in their usefulness, linguistics can take on an applied usage that makes it practical in almost every facet of society.

So, how about some computational linguistics? :’D



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