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i tryed for my first time today and got results because i have been learning Telekinesis for a few months. At the begining the flame started turning in circles as the PSI wheel would, i also made it push back and forwarth. I also tryed to levitate the flame to see if that would make the flame get any taller, i made it about 0.3cm taller it was pretty cool!
Also when you look at things for a while it like leaves an image on your eyes for a few minutes, but when i was doing this it left an image of a flame on my eye but didnt apear when i looekd anywhere else! only where the flame was held on the candle! the outline was blue and orange, and i put the candle out to see if i could light it with my mind. i stared and i seent he image again it was yellow and was covering the candlels stem and it went from yellow to orange then red! but it didnt alight but i thought it was ending out heat.

And thats how i saved spring break!


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Great application of pyrokinesis

Ironing your shirt!

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