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April flowers

Does anyone know what flower this is?


ToddieM Those who can take all life throws at them with a kind heart and smile

I’m a blooming idiot when it comes to naming flowers.


(This comment was deleted.)

I knew you would know! Thanks! :) I’ll look up that guide after I finish this post – I’ve been meaning to get a good one…

Where ya been? I miss you!

(This comment was deleted.)

I didn’t see the wrong link. ;) Thanks for the one you put up there – I think it’ll come in very handy. I’ve been using Bug Guide for id’ing my insects – have you come across it yet? Many knowledgeable (and friendly) people there. It’s a great site!

Sheesh. Poor alcachofa. :( It sounds like any time you take off will be well-deserved indeed! Have fun however you spend it.

(This comment was deleted.)

I picked up that guide book at Barnes and Noble earlier this evening, and I’m already enjoying it! Thanks for the tip, A! :)

(This comment was deleted.)

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