Visit the Great Lakes Brewing Co (and whatever else is interesting in Cleveland, OH) (read all 9 entries…)
Another goal

that I gave up on because I was being surly ;)

This one goes back on the list.


Iron Man is one busy hombre

When I first read this, my mind automaticly filled in the blanks that weren't there,

and I thought it said Lake Superior Brewing Company. That’s up in Duluth at the head of the lakes. Maybe that’s a place you might consider sometime too. Tasty stuff. They make a great pale ale.

Maybe you could have a separate goal to visit various micro-breweries.


I've been to

a microbrewery or brewpub in Duluth or Superior (when I went canoeing in Voyageurs NP with my sister several years ago), but I don’t remember if it was this one or not. I’ll have to check on it the next time I’m driving through that area :)

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idkbrblol wonders why all the product-placements in commercials!! ☺

Up near there [boring]

(maybe boring)
Up near Cedar Point (across the bay) is a little “haunted” hill / Jurassic park thing. I asked the attendant point-blank if it was really “haunted,” he said something like, “well, I let people believe what they want.” While near there, I didn’t detect anything weird.
(There’s also a small set of caves SouthEast of Fremont, I think.)


I'll have to

look into that- thanks for the info :)

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I've actually

been there twice in the last few years, I’ve just procrastinated with posting about it ;)

I’ve done several items that were on my list for Cleveland- I’ve met Surly and Tartsy there and visited Cuyahoga Valley National Park (I only had one day there and will definitely go back) and Great Lakes Brewing Co. I should probably mark this as completed, although I’d still like to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I’m sorta unhappy with them for not voting Heart in this year, though!

Cleveland is only about 5 hours from where I lived (and where all of my siblings still live) in Northwest Indiana so it’s somewhat reasonable for me to get there, even though it’s a long way from Denver. But since I’m visiting family during those trips, I’ve only spent a couple days at a time around Cleveland.

Do you have any other suggestions to visit in the area?

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