be less arrogant
I don't know whether I need to be arrogant

If you find people around you are always messed up with trivial things, what do you think.It’s pretty hard for you to find common words with them. I find it’s wasting time to talk dreams, goals to them.I don’t understand why people like wasting time on things that cannot help them find the meanings of life. They are all surrendered to reality.They have no wonderful dreams.
I really wanna be less arrogant.But it seems that I need help.


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Hi, some dreams are frivolus, and amount to nothing. But the way I see it, not dreaming at all is worse then having silly ones. What may seem trivial to you or I, is there life. So, if you truly wish to be less arrogant, be humble. A humble man, sees all dreams and goals of others to be important. Remeber we are all human, and if humans can have one dream of flying one night, and another about hugging a pelguin then just go with it. :)

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