Adar What?

finish my coursework for the term, including the four little Talmud essays I can't seem to get around to writing (read all 10 entries…)
2 days left...

until I have to check out of here unless I finish (ACK!). I have one class meeting and one appointment left, but otherwise I’m in Full Paper High Gear.

Pot of collard greens on the stove, pencils sharpened, new ink cartridge in the printer. I’m set.


RuthG lives.

Are you making paper

to write your essay on with the collard greens?

Sorry, I just LOVE apparent non sequiturs. :-) Good luck with the paper writing! You’ll do a great job.

Adar What?


I guess it IS a non-sequitur.

I get awful munchies when I’m writing, and it becomes a huge distraction; a habit I need to break.

To get through this sprint, I decided to make a pot of greens so that when my brain decided I was “hungry” there was something handy to eat that (1) I like and (2) is nutritious and (3) is not going to stick to my hips. Collards it is. I’d have made turnip greens if I could have found any at the store; they’re my favorite. (With a drop of apple cider vinegar—oh bliss!)

Anyway, my grandmother always told me greens were a good thing to eat to “keep your ‘strenth’ up”!

RuthG lives.

Sounds like

a great strategy!

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