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be skinny enough so my thighs won't rub against each other when I walk
..ever since i can remember

i think it is just the way my body is shaped.. even when i was in the best shape, i was never this skinny.

i always envy girls who wear jeans and their thighs don’t touch.
call me superficial, but i wanna be there.

i am doing a lot for my body lately. losing weight and getting in shape. it’s not AGAINST my body, it’s FOR my body and against my character… so i wouldn’t object if my thighs did this little something in return for me.

it’s either they get skinnier, or i start walking spread-legged… :)

a late and IMPORTANT addition thanks to dear and clever Milkbox:

It’s the FEELING of them rubbing together that I hate. I don’t want to look like Claudia Schiffer. (the poor girl could never be as short and black haired as I am)


Des is still alive but has no joy to share

I think we need to take a poll.

I would be interested to know how many adult women here have thighs that don’t rub against each other when they walk! I don’t think it’s possible! You’ll look awfully funny walking like that… hehehe.

pioneerspirit is re-discovering 43

I wish I had a cheer left for this comment

So true! Even when i was skinny, and a runner, my thighs always touched, maybe because I wasn’t anorexic?

It’s too bad the ideal for beauty is something so inherently un-female: no curves. You really have to be a genetic freak or anorexic (or prepubescent) to look like that.

you are both right, of course

i know how irrational and stupid this is. and i don’t think that this is an attainable goal. maybe the real goal should be “I want to truly stop wanting my thighs to… etc.”

envious of curves and touching thighs...

I am described in the comment above by pioneerspirit. I have spent all of my life upset that I don’t look like other women. I have a boyish or “un-female” figure and have always wanted to have curves and be ‘normal’. I didn’t wear skirts or shorts for many years and a few years ago I decided that I cannot change my body and this is what I have been given so learn to live with it. It works most days but then I compare myself with others women who look like they should and not a “genetic freak” like I feel sometimes. So here’s someone who wishes they looked like you :)

pioneerspirit is re-discovering 43

I am so embarrassed and ashamed

of my rant. My first inclination was to delete it. But instead I think it deserves a public apology, it was a thoughtless comment.

I guess the real point is that as women we are conditioned to place too much importance on our appearance. One way or another. How womanly we are or how attractive, worthy or healthy-looking should have nothing to do with the size of our thighs. We should be worried about our health – cholesterol levels, glucose, blood pressure, endurance. We should be concerned about our own cultivation—intellectual, emotional, spiritual. Our physical goals should concern summiting mountains, running certain distances or times, anything.

Do you know what I mean. I just realized how judgmental this all seems, but I guess these are my own goals, a part of my “love myself no matter what size I am” goal. Yeah, I used to be petite, and I’m trying to become less attached to the positive feedback I got witht hat. I’d like to work on my fitness—so I can keep up with my kids, patients, friends. So I can hope again to summit mountains, or jog, or hike and explore.

What I need to do is watch less TV, I think this places unrealistic unconscious expectations—that I’ll look like some computer-enhanced, surgically altered version of what a woman should look like.

Anyway, I’m sorry my own baggage got dumped, I’ll take it back now. So sorry. I have little doubt you’re beautiful just how you are too.

That's very big of you to apologize...

and I mean that with all sincerity. One of the first things I learned about writing online is that words are filtered through the reader’s lens. The writer no matter how hard they try can’t make a reader see it as they want them to. As such, the writer should write what they feel and the reader should keep in mind that “be skinny enough so my thighs won’t rub together when I walk” might just be a concise means of stating all that you mentioned in this follow-up comment.

Cheers to women loving themselves and each other unconditionally!!!

(This comment was deleted.)

good one!



assuming you meant that amusingly… :oS

(This comment was deleted.)

i read it funny. so it’s ok…
i was just worried that you didnt mean it funny… and that i was laughing…



have never known the feeling

of having my inner legs not touch. I have bigger things to be concerned about although because I cab relate, I laughed my ass off when I read your wish list.

my wish list made you laugh?

i am trying really hard to take that as a compliment…
urr, help?


what I meant

Is this specific 43 list item made me laugh because I can relate and I have never seen it on anyone’s list yet, and becuase it hit home, I laughed. Sorry to confuse you or make you think I was being mean. It was NOT my intention whatsoever. Quite the contrary. You have a great wish list, I wish you only good, happy things.

thanks for that...

i often meet people with lists that inspire me, or lists that make me go “Ugh…” or lists that make me roll my eyes… the lists that make me laugh though, are the crazy ones like yip :)

as for that specific goal, i know it is superficial, i know that there are so many things (more than 42:) that i would probably want to do first, invest in doing first, or at all DO, as opposed to that one. but to be totally honest, i am working out for 6 months now, i am eating healthy, losing weight, going down pants sizes…
and through all these great things that are happening, i often find myself in front of the mirror, appreciating what i see and all the hard work that got me there, and still, sneak a peek at how much my thighs are close today. can’t help it.


I understand

it’s the trials of being a woman in the 21st Century. Please do take care and keep up the healthy lifestyle. I take inspiration from you.

(This comment was deleted.)

Shannon just me...less extraordinary...more plain ole me.

more than roommates

my thighs are not just roommates, but the are virtually sleeping in the same bed..ACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK


thanks for that.
the discussion above made me feel like everyone has their issues with their thighs, and that they somehow decided to take it out on me and my little (admittedly shallow) goal…

Shannon just me...less extraordinary...more plain ole me.

I'm so sorry

it wasn’t meant to make you feel bad…

I really am just poking fun at myself. Sorry.

Shannon just me...less extraordinary...more plain ole me.

Do ya ever

find yourself laughing at something you’ve said or written and you find it HILARIOUS (or rather…I find myself HILARIOUS)...but then, when you think others around you are going to laugh they don’t? Happens to me all the time.

hate that.

oh yes

all the time…
i once told my husband that i find myself to have an exquisite internal humour… LOL

you crack you up!

not at all!

on the contrary, i was happy to see you take it a little more lightly than others.

(wasn’t it light? i find self deprecation amusing more often than not:)

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D


Yeah, I’d like to know what this feels like. Heh. I’m a bit scared, though, as to how thin I’d have to get to actually have this happen! ;)

i know what you mean

and you stumbled on an imporatnt point, it’s indeed what it FEELS like that i want. I hate them rubbing against eachother, it’s an annoying feeling.

It’s definitely NOT about wearing a tight pair of jeans. (thought that would be a nice perk)

you finally managed to put the finger on the exact thing that made this whole discussion weird to me.

THANK YOU so much for that!!!

Des is still alive but has no joy to share

If there were such thing as...

...a “goal spotlight”, where the robots picked a few interesting discussions each week to highlight, I would nominate this entry for it. Great thoughts, great discussion, great sentiments expressed, etc. :)

thanks des

it means a lot coming from you!

I'd like to cheer this whole thread, in fact.

And for the record, I’m not a very big girl, but I LOATHE that feeling. I think it’s more a question of how the individual person stores fat and/or builds muscle, as opposed to general weight issues. I’m pretty scrawny everywhere except my belly and thighs, so I can relate to both wanting to be in better shape and to simply wanting thinner thighs.

Anyhow, there’s not much I can say which hasn’t yet been expressed in this conversation. Cheers to all of you!

thanks kaffeine

for getting me back to 43things after such a long time…

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