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madamwitty is checking in on 43T after a 3 year hiatus

set up FLYlady routines (read all 24 entries…)
I spent my Friday evening

working on this. What a fun activity for a Friday night, I know. But I’ve made some good progress.

I did the weekly home blessing, which I shall be doing biweekly on Fridays rather than weekly on Monday mornings because that’s how it fits my schedule. I wrote down the list the way I like to do it and put it in my control journal.

I also worked on my before-bed routine (making some tweaks to the old version) and put it in my control journal. I got about halfway through before the Moulin Rouge soundtrack CD ended, and decided to make a rule that if the CD ends and I’m still not done, I get to stop. I don’t think this will usually happen – just for the first few nights as I am making headway on clearing my hot spots for the first time in awhile. But I think it make it less intimidating to get started each night, if I know there’s an inherent time limit.

The apartment is looking noticeably better now. I shall continue to work on my routines whenever inspiration strikes.


Cleaning the house with a CD on

...to add a time limit sounds like a good idea. You sound very well-organized. It must be nice to see a visible difference.

madamwitty is checking in on 43T after a 3 year hiatus

It is nice!

It’s very gratifying to have a visible difference after just an hour. Maybe that’s why I keep stopping and starting FlyLady over and over again – I only get to see the big difference when I’m starting from a pretty messy apartment :-)

Luckily (or unluckily)

I never have to wait for my house to get messy! It seems like it’s back to chaos five minutes after I clean up.

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