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Wood Stork

I got this shot yesterday at Sebastian Inlet State Park. Up until now, I haven’t been too good at getting any decent bird photos, but I’m quite chuffed with this one. This chap was very nervous around me, and kept wanting to fly away; so I just sat down slowly, and stayed still for ages until he got more comfortable with me being around. He ended up being quite the poser… :)


Sessygail Is having her best year yet.


I like the word! And I love the photo. I’ve heard that the right photographer can bring out the best in any model (okay, I’ve been watching too much of America’s Next Top Model)!


It sounds so happy, doesn’t it?

Thanks for the comment Sessy. I’m chuffed that you like it, especially! :)

Sessygail Is having her best year yet.

I am going to try...

to incorporate “chuffed” into my vocabulary. Any tips on appropriate versus awkward uses of this delightful word?

From the English-to-American dictionary

chuffed : adj. Someone who describes themselves as being chuffed is generally happy with life. You can also get away with saying you are unchuffed or dischuffed if something gets your back up. Make sure you only use this word in the correct tense and familiarise yourself with the meaning of the word chuff too.

Lol! :D

Have fun using your new word Sessy.

russellviii Vacation time is coming soon

Wow! You Were Able to Pull It Off!

You’re my hero Jaosehl!

You just slid chuffed right into that conversation and nobody even batted an eye at it. I wish that I had your savoir faire. Whenever I try to slip a new word in, it backfires on me. :-)

It certainly couldn’t have anything to do with the high quality of words that you select, I am sure. :-)

RuthG lives.

You got so much detail

on his head/neck! That’s really great.

I’m sure staying slow/still has a LOT to do with your success!

Thanks Ruth. And yes, he seemed to calm down, and not be too concerned about me too much once I did that.

Raiveran wonders what the light is.

Wow, I love the resolution and detail of this picture! What kind of film/camera/aperture/etc did you use?


Thanks! I’ve got a great new digi camera – a Canon S3-IS – I’m loving it! You can find all the details of the exposure / aperture etc.. here on my Flickr account.

jaosehl has gotten 2 cheers on this entry.


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