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Celebrate Benji pirate style yo ho ho arg!

Ok, so now that I’ve spread the birthday love I can give you all the gifts I’ve been saving for you!! Get comfy…

First here’s a combo gift of fun!

Frog Girl, Lobster Boy and a copy of Faster Pussycat… Kill! Kill!

Some retro shoes that I promise will make you feel like Foxy Brown!

And finally while I know you don’t really need it but I too brought along some booty for the pirate fiesta!

You’re the bestest & I can only hope my gifts are worthy of your awesomeness!! Kisses!!! xx


I just had to comment.

Russ Meyer’s “Faster Pussycat, Kill!, Kill!” is an amazing “B” film. At a theater I worked at in college, we had a Russ Meyer film festival.

B films

Are near & dear to my heart!

I have a special fondness for the horror flicks to be honest.

Ever seen Motel Hell?

Very campy but one line will stick with me forever & ever…

“Meat’s meat and a man’s gotta eat”

LMAO!! =)

No! I haven't! But..

It looks cool as hell.

B-films, same with me.. You’d have loved our theater, (the one I worked at), our movies were serious camp. :)

I’m going to have to see if I can rent that one, thanks! :)


We have a theatre around here that shows a lot of independents, the Cedar Lee. Great theatre!!

Along with all the artsy films there’s the ever popular Rocky Horror Picture Show! They only show it the first Sat. of every month but well worth it to toss toast & make rain with squirt guns!! Added bonus: who doesn’t love a transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania? Who I ask you? =)

In short, yes I would have probably loved your theater as you can see the cheesier the better in my book! I’ll take me some Foxy Brown and Night of the Living Dead and film noir fluff any day!...

A fellow movie geek..

With, hats and asses, and hat-adorned-asses! (No less!)

Ahh yes, the age-old RHPS. I was a fan, (okay, it was tolerable as long as I could get high there. :) Who doesn’t love one? Who doesn’t love BRAD? or NO-NECK? :) (I’m a bigger fan of no-neck.)

Oh, we were cheese-heavy. We were like a big bowl of ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, all mixed in together. :)

Night of the Living Dead – Ahhh, I was such a little punk rocker back in the day and I LOVED this movie, (along with the “Return of…” version with the punks in it.)

Foxy Brown – I recently re-watched that on TV, and had remembered liking it a lot, and this time around, I was less impressed and I’m not sure what happened or why. Maybe I was on a Tarantino kick at the time or something.

Raw Deal – Ahhhhh….. Good movie. :)

(This comment was deleted.)

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