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Methylphenidate Ritalin; Concerta; Tranquilyn

We’ll i took 9 ridalin about 2 every hour i was wired up for more than 24 hours and i still wasnt tired, also dont ever do this if you cant leave your house or run around forever, becuase my legs went numb and had no circulation in them. I couldnt run around and im still awake and its past 24 hours of awake time and i dont think im falling asleep anytime soon lol. At the same time its depressing WARNING: Ever have a panic attack or a night terror where you suddonly wake up in the middle of the night and you freak out. well image that except your minds not doing that but your body can feel it. weird and not kool. also my cousin and friend came over and every time i started talking i would pick up speed till they couldnt understand me

also now that its oveer i feel much better like this is the good part of the high because im not all twitching a numb



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