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be happy (read all 4 entries…)

I’m not doing so well today. I can’t figure out what’s going on. I’m terribly upset and I can’t seem to get happy. I guess I’ll give an update later on how it’s all working out…


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cheer up duck

try forcing your face to smile. sometimes happiness follows that, sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes it’s okay to feel upset. just take a few deep breaths, and think of the last time you really really laughed, and go and make yourself a nice cup of tea. Maybe things won’t seem so bad then. Maybe they still will. You don’t have to be over the moon 24/7. It’s no crime to be having one of those days. Here’s a hug from someone also having one, but who is accepting it calmly and drinking lots of earl grey tea. :)


Thanks so much for that comment! It really helps. Times are just getting hard right now and there’s a lot that I have on my mind. I’d like to smile, so I’ll give that a shot. And I absolutely love earl grey tea, so I’ll definitely make a cup…or two or three=]
Thanks for your support- it really does a lot for me. I’ll see if anything picks up soon…I hope it does.

melb100 stress less

I hope

you’re feeling better today :)
take care


Thanks:) I’m really fighting for my happiness right now. I hate feeling anything lower than happy. It’s not a lot of fun.
Today, I’m actually feeling a little better. I’ve got my cup of tea right next to me and I think I’m going to go out and garden for a bit…even though it’s a bit rainy outside.
But I am doing better. Thanks so much for the help :) :) :)

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