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wheresyourheart will be alright

Stop cutting (read all 9 entries…)

its been five weeks or so since i last cut
and the scar reducer is working really well
but last night i had the scaryest dream
no its more like a nightmare
well, i dremt that i cut again
it was only a small cut but i started bleeding all over
i woke up and imediatly checked my arms to make sure it wasn’t real
i was so scared
theres alot of days when i dont want to live
i start thinking about suicide and it sounds so nice
to cut myself one last time
so even though the cutting problem is getting better
its getting so much worse in my mind


(This comment was deleted.)

wheresyourheart will be alright

thanks, it makes me feel much better to know that other people have dreams like me.

(This comment was deleted.)

wheresyourheart will be alright

thanks :]


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