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She's Awake! 2013 felt like a breakthrough

To learn and practice Buddhism as a way toward helping others. (read all 7 entries…)
Today is Buddha's birthday.

Or, Prince Siddhartha (probably spelled wrong) was born perhaps today in India a very long time ago.

I’ve been dabbling in Buddhism through my Zen class for six months now, but this past week I have been reading Creating Compassion (right title?), which has taught me a lot more about it. I have decided I am going to meditate daily again (see other goal), but add reading regularly about Buddhism, and really practice hard to manage my anger (less a problem with anger, which is present but I have worked on a lot last year; now it’s exaggerated moods that are the problem) and show compassion as much as I possibly can.


a man named Lew space is the place!


do you show compassion?

She's Awake! 2013 felt like a breakthrough

Listening, validating what is valid, keeping mum about what is not valid if I can’t give gentle advice, helping people do what they need to if I know something they don’t. Refuse to judge anything that isn’t harmful. Try to have a positive energy and attitude about things. Not get in people’s faces.

With animals I care for them properly and defend them, which is better than a lot of people do.

a man named Lew space is the place!

Thank you


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