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travel the world

We’ve gone out traveling for months at a time twice now, once for 6 months. It was the happiest time in my life. Your brain and senses just go into hyper-drive as they are bathed in a high-volume of novel experiences every single day. A day feels like a week. A week feels like a month. And 6 months truly feels like having an extra life-time. Some people live 70 years, most people live one year 70 times.
How can you do this?
– Learn to be extremely frugal most of the time so you can be lavish at other times. Skip one dinner out at home and you’ve got money for a whole day abroad.
– Learn to be extremely easy going. Most conflict comes because you’ve got a different rule than some one. The person with the least rules is the most flexible and therefore the most capable in any situation. Most frustrations come from not admitting to yourself that the world, or a specific situation is the way it is. Surrender to what is more often, so you’ve got the energy to go for extraordinary things when you want them.
– Read what it’s like to travel cheaply on places like travelblog.org
– Then, pick some destinations, pick a date, start telling everyone you’re going, and let the excitement power you through researching and planning! (Whatever you get planned is alright, whatever you don’t plan will work itself out in the long run…)

If travel calls to you – go for it!

P.S. Be extremely humble about what you think you know about life and world as you travel. Respect the people and cultures you encounter. Please don’t be one more loud, obnoxious, arrogant traveler! You can be more…


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I have traveled on the higher end of life, hotels, cars, expense accounts, nice restaurants. Well, a milestone is coming for me, within the next two years. I plan at that time to head out and travel for a year? a summer? six months? I don’t know but I am going to do it! on the cheap! camping, sleeping in teh car, or crshing hostels or friends or churches whatever, I don’t care, I am going!!

Thanks for reminding me of the excitement!!

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