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I started out from Williams, AZ and made it to Santa Rosa, so I drove through a great deal of New Mexico on I-40. I feel almost as though I have some kind of ratchet mechanism in my psyche that is systematically rewinding my experience, perhaps to retrack it or something like that so I can wind it up again. I am experiencing last summer in something like reverse at any rate. Western New Mexico is beautiful, without a doubt, and its topography is certainly striking. But it also looks pretty alien to me. It is exciting, and I could stay there, but it certainly doesn’t spark anything like the response I felt when I got east of Albuquerque and saw the end of the desert and the start of the plains. I hadn’t seen that sight since I had left eastern Wyoming last summer. It made me very happy to see it, and to feel confirmed that I was headed east.

So, after this summer, I can try it all again, and drive back west, and maybe do it better this time :S.


Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

ohhh, New Mexico

Do you get to make a detour to Santa Fe? Though Albuquerque, too, is nice (I assume you’re on I-40).

Make sure to have some green chili stew, sopaipillas, a Frito pie, or one of the special stacked enchiladas you can get out there.



I am so

“just passing through.” Regrettably, I don’t have time to do this state right, and I will have to come back, perhaps when there is a 43 meetup next spring.


wish I'd

seen this yesterday, since I did go to a restaurant in Sta. Rosa that had a lot of this stuff.

Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

oh wait

It sounds as though you are already way to the East, maybe in Texas already?


Still, sounds like it was a nice drive.


Abilene today

Austin tomorrow.

Abilene Paradox

Tell us if you see the Abilene Paradox. I’ll bet it’s way cooler in person than just reading about it. ;)


Is it a true

paradox? It’s pretty easy to wrap one’s mind around.

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

You'll be here just in time for ...

the big biker rally


slightly tangential

I stupidly forgot my bicycle. It was the last thing to go on the van and I had so much else to think about that I just went without it and didn’t think about it until it really was too late to turn around. Do you know where I could find a free or cheap bike for the month of June in Austin? I’m 5’11”.

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

Oh poo

I’m afraid I don’t know. :-\

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