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Africa's Lost Child is missing 43Things.com!

perfect eye make-up designing (read all 10 entries…)

I’ve joined a website called Specktra.net. And I’ve learned a lot already!! I’m so excited that I am devoting more time to this. I’m going to go to MAC today and grab 2 new colors and get to work.

Today’s eye design is (and I wish I could upload a picture, but my camera phone is terrible) called…..

Iraqian Blues

....simple but different technique I used on this one.


I used a Loreal HIP’s gold and dark bronze for the outside and put in circle of MAC’s blue (I’ll learn the EXACT colors one day) in the center. Topped off the upper lid and lower brow with HIP pigment. And then Revlon’s eyeliner and Milani’s liquid eye liner.

Very nice look. I’m proud. More to come….


blacklily73 is a testament of hope

OMG Brit!! I need to learn about this too, because I’m not good at eye makeup at all. Keep this goal updated and lots of pictures.

Africa's Lost Child is missing 43Things.com!


Jump on the bandwagon then, sis. I’m excited about this venture so I’ll defintely keep ya updated on what’s goin’ on.

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