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expand my house (read all 3 entries…)

Yeah this item in my list needs a lot of money to become completed so it’s very long-term goal to achieve this. I can start with something in my room, like to buy bunk bed, but not really with two beds only elevated bed to get more space out of my room. And to reorganize furniture around it for even more space. So everyone(Ruby) cross fingers.


Expand, remodel house

This really speaks to my concerns right now. My husband and I bought the house in 1959 for just $8,500.00 in a university neighborhood and the lots around us are filling in with mini-mansions. My two room one bath house is now just right for me and I pulled quite a bit out of retirement money for basic upgrade of kitchen and bathroom.

However, what is in the house now is basic stuff….sleeping, the standard living room-dining room setup, a kitchen (cooking is not my big thing.)

There is a huge above ground downstairs where I would like to have my dream….a doll museum for the 186 country’s of dolls I have assembled. I want it to mostly be a lending library for schools and libraries. I also want shelves for my library. Many of the books are about the countries represented by the dolls.

It would cost about $5,000 to $10,000. I would have work space, computer set up…it might even be deductable if I conducted an Ebay arrangement out of it.

Is this totally crazy..

One last thing…at the moment my large city does not have a doll museum of this kind.

Crazy? Yes, it sounds very crazy. But lots of new things sound crazy at first, and after then people realize that these things are great ideas.
So you are interested in dolls. Which country is the one in the picture from? Looks really small.

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