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to my "idols"

my vision of photography stretched as i met two people who are more inclined with it. they’ve put their ideas and dreams into action by starting to own an “SLR-CAM.” i was wowed by them.heheh it’s so nice of them that they taught me a little of this and a little of that. some switching and the basics i need to know.


they even let me shoot a couple of times using these slrs. yeah boi.

i became more inspired to push this interest that i’ve been dying to develop. this time around, since i have company, i can pursue this dream for real.

wah!!! i am so tempted to buy an slr-cam for myself.

next dilemma: what to buy???

*tnx mac mac and dennis.. all out support ang mga idols// hehe



i read your entry. and i thought maybe id help ya out on hte ‘what to buy’ part. i am a photographer. wouldnt call my slef professional or anything but i have gotten good. i have 3 slrs, a canon rebel. a canon rebel xt. and the new nikon d40x. personally i think that the d40x is the best of the three. although they all work very well i find myself taking better and more pictures with the d40x. if youd like to know anything else about the cameras i would be happy to help ya out.

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