give, give....and give some more no matter how much people take

It’s hard to constantly give all you have to the people you love and expect nothing in return. I would do anything for my family and friends, but sometimes the reality is that it’s not always reciprocated. How do you change your attitude from expecting something to expecting nothing?


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Its a good question…...perhaps one of the best…and you connected expectations with it all, so you are on the right path Lauren.

As soon as you expect nothing is when something comes….

The key lies in those expectations, examine what they are, why you have them, what the intentions are, how important to you is this need you have.

You can find a balance….close friendships are also about you, not just giving selflessly, you have to draw a line when enough is enough, and that act of being you is your gift to your friends, they will appreciate the strength in you to be your self.

There is also always a kind, and right way, to express yourself that does not offend others.

Thanks for those words =)

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You’re welcome…...... I keep sending coments before I correct all my spelling errors ! I’ll have to try not to do that, maybe I should make it a goal.

Haha…it’s okay. I don’t mind a misspelled word. I do it often enough!


So I see your spirituality is really important to you, me to, although for some reason I do’nt like to put it out front. Like to say I play Christian rock or something, I dont know about having any label. I seem to shy away from that energy. Although most or all the lyrics I write are to praise the most high in one way or the other, I like to present it on the surface as, hey I’m just some person playing music, hope it makes you smile, think, feel, etc. I think there are many paths to God, God is everywhere


I think I am just one of those people that doesn’t care what others think about my relationship with God. I want everyone to know how much I love Jesus. I am not saying that you don’t! But, the last guy I dated said that he didn’t like to share all his personal thoughts and goals on things with the world. Maybe it’s a man thing, I don’t know. HAHA

I just like for people to know that I love God and to share how he is working in my life everyday.

Tell me all your thoughts on God

.....cause I’d really like to meet her…....remember that song ? I only remember that line, I dont know who did it, it was from the late 90’s

I admire that ability to be out front with God, I like to share (most) of my thoughts with the world…..(could be a man thing :) ..maybe I’m just not sure what my vision of God is these days (energy, a being that totally watches over, the collective energy of all souls put together, the word for everything that cant be explained, all of the above !) I go through countless ideas of what God is about (besides love of course)..Jesus is easier to grasp and relate to although I get sidetracked on the different takes some people have on Jesus..To me his message of kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love, and devotion, I relate to the most, but I once saw a picture of Jesus with boxing gloves in a Christian book store (the new Jesus for that artist I suppose).........Anyway, sometimes it is hard to grasp from time to time, does that ever happen to you ?


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